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Jan 30, 2013 6:30pm PST
with a state of emergency. >> in berlin, morsi insisted the measures will not be permanent. he also said he will not work with the opposition and set up the unity government. >> one of his main aims is to secure financial assistance from one of egypt's most important trading partners, but while reviving a sluggish economy is a high priority, so is proving his democratic credentials to his western partners. he said he would push forward with democratization. >> egypt will be a state that tolerates different and opposing opinions with peaceful transfers of power and a democratic state with everything that entails. >> merkel said she was concerned about the political violence in egypt and said dialogue was key. >> political forces can make a contribution. human rights have to be respected in egypt, and that applies most importantly to the protection of religious freedom. >> two more people died in cairo on wednesday in clashes between police and demonstrators. the death toll has now reached 50 in a week of protests. two years after a revolution swept morsi's predecessor from power. berlin has
Jan 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
of the berlin brandenburg international airport is again delayed. >> five gang rape suspects appear in court for their first hearing. >> get ready for the wagner year as classical music fans celebrate the 200th anniversary of the german composer prosper a. -- gir-- german composer's birt. >> construction problems and safety concerns have dealt yet another set act, the fifth now, to berlin's new international airport. no new opening date has been scheduled, what it is looking like the airport might not be opening before 2014. >> the delays are now having political repercussions. early in's mayor has announced his resignation of chair -- berlin's mayor has announced his resignation as chair. >> the list of problems facing berlin's new airport is getting even longer. the latest raft of issues means the airport will not be able to meet the revised opening date of october this year. over one billion euros more could be needed for the project. it was one disaster to many for klaus wowereit. after a crisis meeting, the mayor of berlin resigned from his post. he has come to represent the continued f
Jan 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" live on dw here in berlin. >> our headlines for you this hour -- the first german dutch troops arrive in turkey as part of the defense of turkey's border with syria. europe's shrinking workforce. unemployment in the eurozone reaches an all-time high of 20 million people, who are looking for a job. >> after a decade of reclusive is, musician david bowie releases a new single remembering his days in berlin. german troops have arrived in turkey to take part in the nato deployment of patriot missiles on the border with syria. turkey is a member of the nato military alliance and asked its partners for help, saying it is concerned about further deadly rocket attacks from syrian territory. >> dutch and u.s. troops will also be taking part in the mission, which nato says is a purely defensive measure. critics say it is likely to raise tensions in the region already on the edge. iranian and u.s. forces facing off in the strait of hormuz and with the war in syria and dragging on. >> a plane carrying german and dutch troops touched down in turkey as their
Jan 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
dw in berlin. >> here's what's coming up in the next hour. click germany and france pledging a deeper union as they celebrate 50 years of friendship. >> israel going to the polls expecting to see benjamin netanyahu reelected. what's interesting a contentious talks on financial transactions. -- instituting a tax on financial transactions. >> we start with a celebration of a key strategic alliance between europe's two great economies, france and germany. they have been friends for 50 years. >> after centuries of conflict, they culminated in two world wars. speaking at a news conference in berlin, german chancellor angela merkel and french president francois hollande talking about that. >> they promised to unveil proposals in the coming months and it is a big step forward dr. became to power pledging to reverse the plans that merkel had championed. >> it is the first time these bundestag has had a full parliament from another country here. the french president, hollande, recalled the original spirit leading to the historic relationship. >> young people are not only our future but also th
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm PST
>> welcome to the journal coming to you live from berlin. >> welcome. >> coming up, only hours left for leaders in washington to reach a compromise. some officials say there is hope. >> happy new year to people in australia and asia. >> hugo chavez remained in a hospital in cuba as his condition worsens. captioned by the national captioning institute >> as the midnight deadline for agreement on a budget deal approaches quickly, it looks like u.s. lawmakers may have put together is stopgap agreement. some details are emerging as sources close say the talks have been centering on staving off the worst of $600 billion in spending cuts. the president had this to say. >> the potential agreement would make sure it taxes do not go up on middle-class families but it would also extend tax credits for families with children, extend the tuition tax credit that has helped millions of families pay for college, and it would extend tax credits. >> lawmakers were also narrowing the income level at which they would increase to between $400,000.50 under thousand dollars. no deal is
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you from dw in berlin. >> the british prime minister defends his criticism of eu integration at the world economic forum in davos. >> gender equality in the united states -- the pentagon lifts its ban on women in front line and combat roles. >> on the chopping block, germany's second-largest bank plans to fire up to 10% of its work force. the european union is at a crossroads, and the british prime minister, david cameron, says if the blockheads towards the centralized political union, then it is not for him and not for britain. >> german chancellor angela merkel has chosen her words very carefully, responding at the world economic forum in davos by voicing conditional optimism as far as europe's future goes. she says that patience is needed for structural reforms to take effect. >> she has also called for more regulation of the finance industry to avoid more turbulence, a point of contention with britain. both agree that competitiveness is the key, but how to go about that is the big question. >> david cameron brought his message with him to t
Jan 30, 2013 7:00pm PST
for their conservation. >> gas street lights are an integral part of landscape in berlin. they have lit up for 200 years. this old tradition is now facing a turning point. nhk world has more. >> filling the streets with a soft yellow light. the design is typical of the 19th century. the earliest models are nearly 200 years old. more than 40,000 units are still in use. >> the atmosphere is fantastic. >> it gives me peace. >> in the days of the cold war, west berlin was surrounded by east germany, updating the city's infrastructure was no easy task. the old gas lamps survived. >> the tear down of the lanterns has begun. last year, authorities began replacing the gas lights with electric models. one of them is an effort to cut costs. the aging lamps are also prone to staying lit during the day. city officials say the switchover will slash costs by up to 90% for land and reduce carbon emissions. >> gas lights are clearly outdated. technically speaking, they are relics of the past. the decision sparked public protests. >> removal work must be stopped. >> working as a radiology technician, he organized one of
Jan 1, 2013 2:30pm PST
in berlin. berlin was the place to be last night for new years. city hosted germany's biggest new years party. >> i am afraid i have to admit it happened without me but over a million dpended on the city to see several bands take to the stage followed by a fantastic fireworks display. >> let's take a look at how berlin and other big cities ushered in the new year. >> berlin welcomes 2013. a million revelers for germany's biggest party. right on the former border between east and west the pet shop boys rang in the new year with their hit go west. locals and visitors turned out for the festivities. there was no shortage of resolutions for the next 12 months. >> live life to the fullest, a little more. >> i just want to be a nicer person to everyone. it is a nice world. we all need to be nice people. >> the mood was more downbeat in greece. many there are pessimistic that 2013 will bring happier times. >> i hope i can laugh again in the new year but i doubt things will change. >> in crisis-hit spain revelers were in a merry mood. not even rain could dampen the spirit in madrid. >> i wish f
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> translator: the atmosphere of gaslighting is fantastic. it is an essential part of berlin. >> translator: just seeing the lamps gives me peace. >> reporter: in the days of the cold war, west berlin was surrounded by east germany. updating the city's infrastructure was no easy task. and the old gas lamps survived. however, something's changing. the tear-down of the lanterns has begun. last year, authorities began replacing the gaslights with electric models. one of the motives is an effort to cut costs. but the aging lamps are also prop to malfunctions. many stay lit during the day. city officials say the switchover will a slash costs by up to 90% per lamp and reduce carbon emissions. >> translator: gaslights are clearly outdated. technically speaking, they are relics of the past. >> reporter: the decision sparked public protests. >> translator: removal work must be stopped. >> reporter: this man works as radiology technician. he organized one of the demonstrations. people formed a human chain around one of the removal sites. when the work began, protests are striked to interfere. >> tran
Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
streetlights are an integral part of the urban landscape in berlin. they lit up the pavements of the german capital for nearly 200 years. but this old tradition is now facing a turning point. we have more. >> reporter: lamps start sprinkling in the gathering dusk filling the streets with soft yellow light. they are design is typical of the 19th-century. the earliest models are nearly 200 years old. more than 40,000 units are still in use. >> translator: the atmosphere of gaslighting is fantastic. it's an essential part of berlin. >> translator: just seeing the lamps gives me peace. >> reporter: in the days of the cold war, west berlin was surround by east germany. updating the city's infrastructure was not easy task. and the old gas lamps survived. however, something is changing. the tear down of the lanterns has begun. last year authorities began replacing the gas lights with electric models. one of the motor motives is an to cut costs but the ageing lamps is prone to malfunction. many stay lit during the day. city officials say the switch over will slash costs by 90% per lamp and reduce c
Jan 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" from dw in berlin. >> here's what's coming up in the next half-hour -- clashes in cairo. egypt marks the second anniversary of the revolution which ended the era of hosni mubarak. we will have a live report. >> and germany says it plans to buy its first killer drones. reaction in berlin. >> and the swiss architect awarded for his sense and sensibility with german castles. it was two years ago when the egyptians rose up in unity demanding an end to hosni mubarak's reign as president. today, mubarak is history, and egypt is a nation divided. m islamists hold power in the former president morsi, but some say his new constitution is just as unfair as the system and to replace. on friday, egyptians once again took to the streets. >> it was a day of protest, not a celebration. once again, tens of thousands of people gathered in cairo's tahrir square where two years ago they demonstrated against hosni mubarak. now they are demonstrating against the new president. the people want the downfall of the regime. the slogan of the arab spring is being chanted
Jan 29, 2013 6:30pm PST
first official visit to berlin. >> investigators in brazil are still trying to establish how a nightclub escape official scrutiny and became a deathtrap for hundreds of young people. >> it was the venue for a concert with indoor part text that led to a devastating fire. 231 people died in the blaze, mostly college students. >> thousands took to the streets of santa maria on monday night in a peaceful protest. they wore white to honor the victims and demanded justice. earlier, residents created a memorial outside the nightclub for those who died inside in the blaze. >> the country is in mourning, and we feel the need to share the pain of the people who are suffering. we are here, and we just do not have words to describe it. >> the investigation into the nightclub fire is ongoing, but the brazilian government says it takes public safety seriously. >> with this tragedy, it is our duty to make a commitment to ensure that this will never be repeated. >> the tragedy has heightened concerns about public safety in brazil ahead of the major international sporting events being housed in a country
Jan 10, 2013 2:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you from deutsche welle in berlin. and at our headlines for you at this hour -- three kurdish activists have been found shot dead in paris. >> ireland says the eu must reach a decision on easing its debt burden. >> the world's first museum exhibition dedicated specifically to u.s. film director martin scorsese is opening in berlin. >> three women kurdish activists have been shot dead in paris. one of the victims includes a co-founder of the militant nationalist pkk. the women were shot in the kurdish information center in paris. >> no motive has yet been established. the killings, one day after turkish leaders report they agreed on a draft agreement that could lead to the rebel movement laying down its weapons. kurdish information center in paris. the victims were three women last in a live in the building on wednesday afternoon and found dead there early thursday. the french interior minister visited the crime scene and spoke of an execution. french president francois hollande said he was shaken. >> it is horrible. there were three of the
Jan 27, 2013 5:30pm PST
related to the berlin international film festival. the purpose is to help in the restoration of areas hit by the 2011 disaster. an organizing group of city residents and volunteers received a document from the berlin festival's executive office approving their request to host the event. the sendai organizers say they'll host the event from four days from march 28. this year's berlin festival will open in germany. it will screen about ten mostly short films devoted to young people. this is in line with the german organizers' hope to support children in the disaster areas. the berlin festival is renowned as one of the world's three major movie celebrations, along with those in kahn, france and venice, italy. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe has made quite a few headlines in the short time he's been in office. ai joins us now from the business desk. ai, good morning. what have you been hearing? >> good morning, catherine. he's pushed for more government between the central bank and bank of japan. senior members of japan's government and ruling parties have approved a budget outline for
Jan 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you live from dw in berlin. >> here's a look at what is coming up in the next half-hour -- venezuelan supreme court upholds a delay in swearing in hugo chavez. >> germany's catholic church halts its investigation into child abuse by priests. >> and is this the next big technology breakthrough? 3-d printers this cult objects. -- that sculpt objects. >> venezuelas supreme court has upheld the indefinite delay of president hugo chavez's swearing in for a new term and said his present administration can continue operating. they made the statement amid a fierce debate between the government and opposition over weather the constitution requires the new president to be sworn in on thursday. >> until the new president can be sworn in, officials in the current administration will have the job of governing the country. the court ruled they could continue to fully exercise their functions under the principle of continuity of government. >> the supreme court announced the decision in an eagerly awaited tv broadcast. a constitutional row broke out a
Jan 1, 2013 11:15am EST
bureau in europe, stationed in berlin, she saw a world in chaos and she hundred to understand the madness that seemed to be sweeping europe. the public and political upheaval after the great war, and the political landscape that was giving rise to ruthless dictators, she wanted to be a player and sheen is that as a woman she would have to fight harder, faster and longer than her male colleagues. she would have government officials, prime ministers, presidents and earned the reputation as a reporter willing to do anything and go anywhere for the sake of a story. thompson had the guts to ask her american public the questions they did not quote want to think about. mired in the dilution that they were protected from asian and european tumult by two aleutians, americans preferred the roar and affluence of the 1920s. .. has been frozen out along with national celebrity and the total federation of her peers, but it's constance grew and voice echoed across america and europe. just listen to this. in 1936 she was writing a thrice weekly column in the new york herald tribune that reached eight to
Jan 2, 2013 5:15am EST
to head a news bureau in europe. station in berlin, she saw a world in chaos, and she hunkered to understand that madness that seemed to be sweeping europe. the public and local upheaval after the great war, and the political landscape that was giving rise to ruthless dictators. she wanted to be a player, and she knew that as a woman she would have to fight harder, faster, and longer than her male colleagues. she would have government officials, prime ministers, presidents, and earned a reputation as a reporter willing to do anything, and go anywhere, for the sake of a story. thompson had the guts to ask the american public the questions they did not want to think about. mired in the delusion that they were protected from asian and european to mold by tuitions, americans preferred the roar and affluence of the 1920s, dancing and drinking themselves into oblivion. in 1933, after knocking at his door for seven years, thompson would become the first foreign correspondent, male or female, to interview hitler as he was gaining dominance in the reichstag, and ruthlessly cutting his w
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> live from berlin, this is "journal" on dw. >> here are the headlines. u.s. president obama balm kicks off his second term with a call for national unity. >> a regional election in germany, a wakeup call for the chancellor. >> and extreme winter weather halts travel across much of northern europe. >> we start this show in washington where president obama balm has publicly taken the oath of office for his second term. he had to take it twice. >> official ceremony held in private on sunday at the white house. now the ceremonial swearing in in front of more than 700,000 people that showed up. >> and an international audience watching on tv. a lot of europeans want to know which way the world's biggest economy is headed and can politicians sort things out. here is a man that thinks he can make a difference the second time around. obama then looked forward to his next and final four years in office calling an end to the politics of division and saying the united states could achieve anything if it acted as one. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. america'
Jan 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
berlin is to cut 900 jobs in the next two years. that is one in 10 of its workers, but it has not said which jobs will be going. >> berlin has been making a loss for years, and the job cuts are part of a plan to save 400 million euros. berlin says it wants to focus on its most profitable routes in germany, switzerland, and austria. during the cold war, germany's bundesbank took a bet by soaring gold reserves around the world and left in there after the collapse of communism. >> last year, official auditors point out that official stockpiles abroad have never actually been counted. >> plans are afoot to bring the bars back home, or at least some of them. >> at least he knows what he has in his hands -- his golden globe is nothing more than a thin layer of 24 karat gold covering up something much less precious, and there is no doubt about the quality of the gold in the bundesbanks either. experts inspect and count it every year. these do not have a chance. but this kind of checks are not possible every year. u.s. federal reserve's held somewhere in new york are not open to german gold in
Jan 6, 2013 2:30pm PST
of the german president in berlin. organizers estimate that 500,000 children took part across the country. ♪ french actor gerard a perdue has received his russian passport -- gerard depardieu has received his russian passport. he received a warm reception from vladimir putin in sochi. russia may soon be entertaining more french celebrities. former film star brigitte pardo says she is also thinking of applying for russian citizenship. you are up-to-date on all the sports, business, and news. keep watching dw. for more news, go to www.dw.dw. eastern. only on link tv. >> as the week began, german chancellor angela merkel delivered her new year's address to the nation. she reminded germans that challenges still lay ahead. merkel said achieving prosperity depended on both hard work and supporting societies weakest members -- supporting society's weakest members. >> we can see from the european sovereign debt crisis how important is balance is. the reforms we have agreed to are beginning to take effect. we still need a lot of patience. the crisis is far from over. >> the chancellor said more
Jan 12, 2013 6:00am PST
popular with german employers. >> his company in berlin and makes machine housing. he employs about 150 people. he rejects the german labor federation's demand for a minimum wage. he says the government should not be involved in determining what labor costs. >> we need to preserve the cost of the labor market for employers and employees. employers three industry associations. it has worked well for decades. >> the unions counter that the wages paid in some sectors are not enough to live on. they want a minimum wage. >> that would help many people improve their situation and improve the political situation across germany. it is no panacea. it is the minimum that people can get by on. >> the labor federation is concerned about europe's debt crisis. it is calling for too much as 50 million euros in investment paid for by a tax on the wealthy. >> it would be an affordable contribution that would greatly help the people of europe. >> the unions know that the left of central liberal democrats support the plan. other parties will be hard to convince. >> in a moment, we will look back at the sh
Jan 6, 2013 7:00am EST
crisis, one of the things that fascinates me is the extent to which berlin was on president kennedy's mind almost hourly. talk about that a little bit. and how could somebody like -- here we go. >> if we attack you become it's going to be nuclear war. and what is your judgment as to the chances they will fire these things off if we invade cuba? >> ellen, talk a little bit about this, 50 years later, people have forgotten a little bit as to how important considerations about berlin and our allies were throughout the missile crisis. >> yeah, it's clear, there's a wonderful transcript in the book in which president kennedy himself sort of gives an overview of what he thinks is at stake in the missile, the deployment of these missiles in cuba. and the concern was that if we were to attack and try to take, to have a strike against these, that the soviet union would then feel emboldened to take over berlin. and berlin had been very much, what was really the issue, most of greatest concern of president kennedy, and he felt that the soviet union would have felt that they were justified in d
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Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> not the emancipation prok laition. >> but it's big, it's number three. >> >> the berlin wall coming down would be important. it was a huge change. >> the berlin wall was more important to today? >> i would say. >> what is more appointment than this? >> tiger woods winning. >> pga tournament. >> the first time an african-american man won a major in golf? >> yes. >> to be fair it hadn't started yet. once it began they soon get swept away. >> the 4 4th president of the united states of america about a barack h. obama. >> nice try, schumer, we know what his middle name is. and the wisdom of one reporter who prove sized this so clearly back in 2009. is it exciting? yes! people of course i am. do they realize it glet absolutely not. you can't capture lightning in a bottle twice. it was an amazing day. a major moment in u.s. history. it was just slightly less catchy than last time obama, first african-american president elected for the second time! first african-american president for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, ev
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> this is dw in berlin. you are watching the journal quote -- "journal." stepping down after more than 30 years on the throne -- the netherlands' queen beatrix says she will advocate. >> the opposition rejects calls for dialogue with egypt's president. >> brazil begins morning after a nightclub fire that killed more than 230 people. it is time for a new generation. that was the message from the ducks -- dutch queen beatrix. >> she said she would abdicate just over three months from now and hand over the throne to her eldest son, willem alexander. , there was heavy speculation she would make that move for some time. she is approaching her 75th birthday. >> a 32 year reign comes to an end. a visibly emotional queen beatrix made the announcement internationally-televised address. , it was a rare honor to spend my life in service to this country and to fill my duties as queen -- fulfill my duties as queen. >> she was one of the longest- serving monarchs in europe, ascending to the throne in april, 1980, after the abdication of her mother. beatrix quickly made her personal mark, combin
Jan 5, 2013 8:00am PST
day. that's three times more per capita than in berlin, for instance. the authorities are using incinerators to try to come to grips with the problem. these new high tech facilities emit hardly any pollutants. the heat from the incinerators is used to generate electricity. in addition, it provides about 200,000 households with heating. the refuse becomes a source of energy. >> by burning refuse we can reduce our use of oil and natural gas. that lowers seoul's co2 emissions by about 21,000 tons a year. but we can't really be sustainable unless we produce less waste in the future and recycle more. >> cherry blossoms provide a glimpse of seoul's greener side. compared to many other asian ities, seoul is a pioneer when it comes to parks, public transport and climate protection. this small river in the city center is an impressive symbol of that. long covered with concrete, it has now been restored to its natural state. it's a peaceful oasis in the midst of urban canyons. the new futuristic town hall also serves as a role model. the huge administrative building requires about 20% les
Jan 15, 2013 2:00am PST
, but the economy continues to drag its feet, so they invest in houses and flats in germany's capital, berlin, where there are still objects available in top locations and for a relatively low price. high rents are now forcing berliners on low incomes to move to cheaper areas outside the city. rising rents are a problem people in paris and london have been familiar with for decades. in the british capital, you easily pay 600 and for an average flat per week. londoners traditionally spend more than 3/4 of their monthly income on rent, but there is an increasing number of people who have had to look elsewhere. >> britain, like the rest of europe, is in the grips of recession, but there are hardly any traces of it in london. real-estate prices in the city center have shot up by 30% this year, and building continues. a penthouse in london's west end can easily fetch nearly 50 million euros. buyers include russians, chinese, arabs, and those fleeing europe. those who work in london usually live about an hour and a half outside the city. for many who cannot find work, their only refuge is the streets. ar
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 249 (some duplicates have been removed)